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Do you have contracts with the above agencies? Are you having issues trying to understand the invoicing requirements of the contract? Are you having difficulties in reading through the FAR clauses, understanding the Defense Finance and Accounting Service (DFAS) payment process, invoicing the Veteran Administration?  Perhaps, your invoices are being rejected and you just can't figure out why. Well, you've come to the right place. We can help you understand your contract requirements, which type of invoice to submit and even provide training for submitting your documents through iRAPT (WAWF) - e-Business Suite, VIS and OB10. Our staff has more than sixty years of combined experience in DoD contracts and payments. Aysis Inc. can provide you with the tools and information necessary for your business to be successful in this competitive environment. We can provide answers to all of your invoicing and contract related questions.

  • 2017-MAR-01 00:00 MST) System: All Subject: IE Acceptance and Certification issues Critical! Message For: All Users Attention Internet Explorer users: If you are experiecing issues accepting or certifying documents in iRAPT please follow these instructions: (1). Close all instances of internet explorer (2). Re-open internet explorer (3). Click Tools - Internet Options (4). Under browsing history click Delete (5). UN-Check Preserve favorites website data (***IMPORTANT***) (6). Check all others
  • (7). Click delete (8). Click apply (9). Click the content tab (10). Click Clear SSL State (11). Click OK (12). Close IE and restart IE (13). Manually type into the address bar. Do not use any favorites or shortcuts. (14). Log onto the application and continue with acceptance or certification.

 Aysis Inc

Renee Aysis Inc OwnerBased in Schertz, Texas just outside

San Antonio, Aysis Inc. is a Small, Minority Woman owned enterprise founded in 2006 by Ms. Renee Wheelwright. Ms. Wheelwright retired with more than 25 years of Federal Government experience, with a vast amount of knowledge in Finance and Accounting. This experience coupled with her supporting staff, culminates a knowledge pool unsurpassed. Agency experience includes, United States Air Force, United States Army and Defense Finance and Accounting Service (DFAS).  Ms. Wheelwright has partnered with the local Procurement Technical Assistance Office (PTAC) in providing iRAPT (WAWF) Vendor training.





Aysis Inc Senior ConsultantMr. Jerry Wheelwright is our senior consultant. Jerry has more than forty years of Government Accounting and Vendor Pay experience. Having retired from the United States Air Force with more than twenty-four years in Accounting and Finance, he continued his career with the Defense Finance and Accounting Service (DFAS) both in the Quality Assurance  and Vendor Pay divisions.  As the Site Manager for Vendor Pay in San Antonio, he was instrumental in the deployment of iRAPT formally WAWF for the Army Medical Command and the Air Force Air Training Command. Jerry retired in 2005 from DFAS and started Aysis Inc with his wife Renee.






Aysis Inc ConsultantsAysis Inc. can provide consulting services to keep you up to date on the various system changes. Our consultants will guide you though the steps for each phase of  each application, as it pertains to Electronic Document Access (EDA), MyInvoice , VA Payment System and iRAPT (WAWF).  Are you already using iRAPT ? Perhaps there are some questions that you just can't resolve using conventional "Help" services. This is where Aysis Inc. can assist you. We will not only research and answer your questions, but will also provide supporting guidance. If your company requires guidance and interpretation of the new requirements of E-Commerce and the electronic requirement for invoice submission, Aysis Inc can help. Often time just knowing which type of invoice to submit will eliminate payment delays. Cash flow is an important phase in your billing cycle, certainly you wouldn't want to delay your payment because you didn't follow the directions of your contract.


If your company does not have the personnel or resources to invoice DoD or VA contracts, or you have tried to use their various billing systems in the past and ran into road blocks or just couldn't get past the hurdles, perhaps Aysis Inc. can assist your company to provide expedited, accurate invoicing so that your company gets paid in the minimal time frame.


Please contact us for more information on our available services.



Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I still submit my invoice to DFAS if my contract doesn't require electronic submission?

Q: I was preparing a DD250 before using iRAPT. How can I continue to provide my customer with this form if they require it?

A: All DFAS payment offices are capable of accepting EDI interfaces. Submission of your invoice via WAWF should be accepted.

Q: My contract requires electronic submission and the invoice must be submitted to the activity for approval. The activities' DoDACC is not registered in iRAPT (WAWF). What should I do?

A: Contact your local Contracting Office and let them intervene with the activity to determine why they aren't registered in iRAPT (WAWF). Request permission to submit a Stand Alone invoice in iRAPT (WAWF) and FAX a copy to the activity while this matter is being resolved. This will ensure the PPA clock starts once DFAS receives the invoice.

Q: The receiving activity rejected my Combo receiving report because of a dispute with the items received. Can they do that?

A: Nothing can preclude an activity from rejecting your document. The question is, did they improperly reject your document. Yes they did. The receiving report on a Combo can be accepted for less quantities than what is billed. It doesn't have to match the invoice, DFAS will pay what the activity says they certify to.

Q: What constitutes a proper invoice ?

  • Contractor's/Vendor's Name and Address
  • Invoice Date/Number
  • Government Contract Number/Purchase Order Number
  • Shipment Number
  • Description of Goods/Services (CLIN, QTY, U/P), Quantity, Unit Price, Total Amount of Invoice
  • Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN) (if applicable)
  • If using a DD250 as an invoice, the wording ‘Original Invoice’ or ‘Invoice’ in 1-inch high letters must appear on the invoice. Do not use red or green ink.  Black ink works best in our imaging system.
  • Must be registered and current in System for Award Management (SAM), to verify your status, go to:
  • Contact name of person to be notified in event of a defective invoice



A: There are a couple of methods in WAWF you can use. The first is a Combination document. This is an invoice and receiving report together. It is simple to create in WAWF and will fulfill the requirement for the  DD250 submission. The second option you have is to create a Stand Alone receiving report.

Q: My contract has a lot of CLINS and the requirement to use iRAPT will take a lot of time inputting this data manually. Is there an automated way to feed iRAPT?

A: Actually you have a couple of options that will save you a lot of time. The first option is called 'Auto Populate'. If your contract is loaded in the Electronic Data Access (EDA) system, then you can use iRAPTs 'Auto Populate' option. EDA will populate WAWF based on the information on your contract. The second option for you is EDI upload. To find out more about this option contact DISA Customer Service Center (iRAPT Help Desk) at 1-866-618-5988 or 801-605-7095. The Customer Service Center will put you in contact with the Joint Interoperability Test Command (JITC), which provides EDI and FTP testing assistance.

Q: My invoice was rejected because I used the wrong Contract number. Can I correct this and resubmit with the same invoice number ?

A: Yes you can. But first since you submitted your invoice with the incorrect contract number, you have to 'Void" the invoice since the contract number  can't be corrected on the same document. Once you have voided the invoice, that number can now be used again to submit your new invoice.

Q: What is "Fast Pay"? What DFARS clause must be in my contract for "Fast Pay"?  ?

A receiving report is not required before payment can be made for purchases under the “Fast Pay” procedures.  The receiving report can be forwarded after the payment is made.  For additional info, go to:, and research FAR 52.213.1

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